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    This is something that we have been wanting to do for a very long time. Shouts to Whest Cornell for coming to the studio and our events week in and week out to capture these great moments and sounds. We’ve been on a great journey these past two years and its nice to finally see the hard work paying off.

    Aside of the record label & event aspect of Soulection, the radio show has been one of the most successful platforms for us to present our interpretation of the ‘Sound of Tomorrow’. Being able to listen to and vibe to some of these artists over the years and now have them join us for the radio show or our events is quite a humbling experience. It reminds us that we are doing many things right. We are turning ‘Inside The Sound of Tomorrow” into a series and will continue to present our vision to you.

    Much love to everyone especially Dam Funk, Eric Coleman, Free the Robots , AbJo, Illa J, Frank Nitt, J-Heart, Santana Westbrook, Mike Gao, Sufficient Sounds, Kronika, NiceguyxVinny, Zikomo, Alyssa, Andre Power, 96, Andres, J-Louis, Shane, Dank Radio, Drew, Danny Lemos, OriJanus, Julian, & everyone else in between.

    Soulection Compilation: Time In Between Compilation Vol. 2 (Out Marc22nd)

    Captured & Edited by Whest Cornell
    Thanks Andre Power for the revisions.

    The Crosby footage was captured by Jonathan Pham


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